Praying Mantis



 "Mantis Fist" was pass down by the student of Zhensheng Yu who was the head martial arts coach at the Huang-pu Military College (the top military academy in China after the end of the Qing dynasty), the famous master Gongwei Xu from southern China. Then, Gongwei Xu passed it to his student Arthur Du. It was originally from Shandong Provindence in China. This movement belongs to a secretly passed school of mantis in Shangdong. It has its only styles and features so it is a very valuable fist movement.

The mantis fist is a skill which combines long and short, force and softness together. It attacks shortly, swiftly, and fiercely. It is named according to pictographic consideration, instead of other meanings. The mantis blocks the vehicle without fear. It bears the meaning of going well up to bridle. Its main hand techniques include the mantis claw like a hook which can hook, point, hit, block and penetrate. One trick can change to three forms which is changeable.

The mantis fist emphases that the upper body is flexible and the lower body is stable. It is like the branches are shaking, and the root is firm. The strength is passed from the lower body to the fingers.

The features of the mantis fist is resisting softly, and attaching fiercely with cutting, hooking, hanging, shaking and beating. It mainly combines grasping and beating, hanging and hitting together. Twine and Beat. They all use the explosive force, shaking force and the neutralizing force of the whole body. So it has unique feature.


To see the demonstration of "mantis fist" performed by Arthur Du,  Click Here.