About Tai Chi


Tai Ji Quan is Chinese boxing including philosophy.

Tai Ji Quan is a sports that looks for stillness from movement and looks for movement from stillness.

Tai Ji quan is a moving Qigong.



I. The purpose to practice Tai Chi:

1. For fighting

2. For performing

3. For anti-aging

Methods will be different with different purposes. Playing Tai Chi for the purpose of anti-aging is the highest level of Tai Chi.


II. The meaning of practicing Tai Chi

1 .Practicing Tai Chi can cultivate the heart and nature through soft and slow body movements, pursue harmony in three stages: first, between the physiological and psychological dimensions in the human body; second, between humans and nature; and third, between the human body [microcosm] and society [macrocosm].

2. Tai Chi has a good curative effect to prevent high blood pressure, cardiopathy,   pulmonary disease, hepatitis, arthropathy, gastroenteropathy and some chronic diseases like depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue.

3. At an advanced level, playing Tai Chi is like tuning into the music of heart, sculpting beauty in movement, expressing oneness with philosophy, and improving our minds and our view of the world. Playing Tai Chi can lead people into the artistic conception of a poem. Advanced practice can alleviate and even cure physical and mental conditions.

4. Playing Tai Chi can promote confidence, good health, and happiness!